Client Story

A client, mother of two girls – 4 and 9 year olds, contacted Catholic Charities in December.  She was desparate for help, she didn’t have money and barely had baby items for her unborn child.  She was living in her mother’s small basement with the young girls and is nine months pregnant.  She asked for help.  Our counselor meet with her for counseling right away.  The counselor provided comfort and encouragement to her during this hard time.  She felt loved and positive about being a mom and trying her best.  She accepted donations with tears in her eyes.  Her newborn will have clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, blankets and other baby items thanks to the donations Catholic Charities has received.  Her daughters were without warm coats, which they now have, as well as gifts for Christmas.  The client was so happy and thankful for all the help.

“She is a hard-working woman; she works nights to provide for her family, but is just isn’t enough. I was so grateful to be able to help a mother in need and to make her feel loved and at peace before her due date”.
~ Catholic Charities Counselor


A clients sought counseling services to find support for her feelings of depression.  In recent weeks, the client’s daughter left home, and the woman was struggling in her relationship with her husband.  Throughout the counseling sessions, she was able to better understand the causes of her depression and developed coping skills that can be used to manage her depression.  Additionally, she was able to use the skills she learned to help manage her relationship, not only with her husband, but also with her mother and daughter.

"The counseling services that I received changed my life. They made me a better person."

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