Volunteer & Staff Stories

Posted April 24, 2020 in Staff Stories

Read some of the stories shared by our clients, volunteers and staff members.

“I served in both an Artilley Unit and Combat Infantry for the US Army.  I have three ribbons, two badges and one medal.  I am Service connected at 50%.  I have worked my entire like and most recently, I fell on hard times that included eviction.  The judge who sat during my hearing encouraged me to contact your agency.  I swallowed my pride and called leaving a message with my dilemma.  I had no working phone but the case manager contacted me via email and we met at my residence.  When the case managers arrived, I opened the door and it was like the Bible story of Lot.  They were at my door so respectful and quiet, I had to ask them to enter twice.

We sat and they refused anything to eat or drink.  The case manager listened carefully and attentively to my story and not once interrupted me.  He was kind, professional, courteous, compassionate, and quite angelic in demeanor.  When the paperwork was done, the case manager drove 40 minutes round trip to provide me with a life sustaining box of food.

We didn’t think we would meet the deadline of Monday, January 24, 2o22 which was my order of eviction date, but somehow, someway, he pulled it off.

I am so grateful to the case manager and all he has done for me.  The case manager should be commended for his incredible work as he is truly as asset to himself, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown, the Veterans of Lehigh County, and the community as a whole.”

Thank you so much for all you have done!


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