Catholic Charities SSVF Program Impacts Veteran’s Lives: A Story of One Man’s Journey

Posted October 18, 2023 in News

Michael C., a Navy Veteran, walked into Catholic Charities seeking any kind of help he could receive.  His partner of several years wanted to part ways and he was left without many options.  After listening to his story and the compounding medical factors, Case Manager Jamie knew Catholic Charities had to help this man.  Michael served our country for four years and enlisted in the Reserves as he continues to serve our country.

Michael came to Catholic Charities defeated in every aspect.  He was homeless, disheveled, and couldn’t think straight.  He couldn’t even see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Jamie immediately arranged to place Michael in a hotel to give him shelter.  He needed to have a stable roof over his head due to his many illnesses, including two forms of cancer.  Michael could breathe again now that he had a roof over his head and he could gather his thoughts.  With assistance from Catholic Charities, Michael could develop a plan for long-term stability.

After Michael’s stay in the hotel, he went to live with family in New York and traveled back and forth to Allentown weekly for cancer treatments.  This took a toll on him and Case Manager Jamie was determined to find an apartment for him to move into.  It was imperative that Michael live in Allentown to be near his doctors.

A landlord that works closely with Catholic Charities had an apartment Michael could rent.  Michael was also chosen for the Shallow Subsidy program, a rental assistance exclusive for veterans.

Everything was falling into place for Michael.  Case Manager Jamie could see the anguish on his face slowly fade.  Within a few short months, Michael had a place to lay his head at night.  Through the SSVF program, Catholic Charities was also able to help Michael modestly furnish his apartment.  Michael was so excited and eagerly shared the photos of his new home.  Catholic Charities was also able to provide gif cards for groceries and assistance from our food pantry.

Michael seemed to be a changed person during his most recent visit to Catholic Charities.  The Catholic Charities staff are so proud of Michael’s accomplishments.  Since his first contact with Catholic Charities, Michael has been able to eat healthy, exercise, manage his cancer symptoms, and eliminate his worries about where he is going to lay his head at night.

Catholic Charities is privileged to be a resource for Michael.

Thank you, Michael, for serving our country.  May God continue to bless you and all of our veterans.

"The counseling services that I received changed my life. They made me a better person."

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